DIY Make this ladder shelf in three easy steps

D.I.Y Make this ladder shelf in three steps

Make this amazing ladder shelf in only three easy steps! This is the perfect weekend project for creating more space and using it more efficiently. This step by step guide below will show you just how easy it is to create this unique and eye-catching shelving display.

  • Step 1
Select plank shelves that are deep enough to hold your items & decor (here, each shelf is two  planks deep) and long enough that they extend at least a few inches beyond the sides of the ladder. Cut the wood to size, or let the pros at the lumberyard or home center do it for you.

  • Step 2
 Set the planks on the rungs to create shelves.

  • Step 3
To help keep the system stable, place heavier items near the center of the shelves, taking care not to set objects too far outside the rungs.


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