The Best Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

The Best Natural Cold & Flu Remedies
Lately everyone I know has been getting sick so I decided to share my all time favorite natural cold & flu remedies. Most of the products listed below also work as an immune booster and not just medicine so you can take these for year-round protection.
Emergen-C Fizzy Vitamins - These taste great and you can easily add them to a bottle of water while on the go for extra convenience. I take the regular formula on a daily basis and use the Immune+ for when I feel like I might be coming down with something.
Oscillococcinum is really a miracle in a bottle, this is a homeopathic medicine that you pour under your tongue and allow it to dissolve. I reserve this stuff for when I really feel like I'm starting to get sick. The faster you take it, the shorter your cold and flu duration.

UMF 15+ Active Manuka Honey - Manuka Honey is a multi-purpose product. It's great for burns or cuts and can cure infections that are antibiotic resistant! It's also a powerful immune system booster and can be used as needed. You just swallow a spoonful 3 times a day on an empty stomach and allow some time before eating and drinking. I personally use it to treat stomach ulcers. It's a lifesaver and worked right away for me. When buying Manuka honey it's important to buy the right one. The most powerful are the UMF active honey. It's pricy but can last a long time depending on your own personal use but it's worth the price.

Maitake Fraction D Pro - Maitake Fraction D Pro is an extract that comes from Maitake mushrooms. This is a powerful immune enhancer can help you overcome your cold, flu and can help you fight infections as well. Some people even take it when fighting cancer! It's super easy to take just six small drops taken by mouth and I use it daily.
Black Elderberry Syrup - Black Elderberry Syrup is amazing stuff. You can use it daily as an immune system booster and take extra when you've been exposed to sick people or feel ill. I take this one daily as well. One spoonful per day unless I'm sick I take two.
You can buy these products at Whole Foods Market or online at Vitacost Please read the labels on each of these products and use at your own discretion.


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